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Vendors, Manufacturers and Representatives

Build your Vendor and Manufacturer catalog from which products (specifications) can be sourced.
You can enter detailed vendor, manufacturer and represenative contact information, and then associate those vendors with specifications in your projects. This allows you to indicate where a product can be sourced from. Representatives may be linked to multiple different vendors and manufacturers, if for example they're a multi-line rep. This way you don't need to duplicate representative contact information.
These contacts are managed from the Project Workspace, however vendors are actually global, not project-specific. All vendors are available to be used on all projects, and any changes to a vendor will be reflected on any specification or project where the vendor is used.
There are different ways to share vendor information with purchasing agents and other stakeholders. Vendor details can be shown on certain reports, such as the Full Page Spec report. Note the option to hide vendor details on this report, in case you don't want to share this information with some audiences.

See Reports for information on vendor reports you can generate.
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