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You can start a new project by navigating to the Projects screen on the Home Workspace, and clicking New. Alternatively you can also create a new project if you are already in the project workspace by clicking the project dropdown (name of the current project on the left) and selecting the New Project option.

You can edit project details (name and address) from the Projects screen by selecting one from the list and clicking Edit. You can also edit these same details from the Overview screen of the Projects Workspace (after opening the project).

Upon creating a new project you will be automatically taken to the Project Workspace, where you can start adding specifications, areas, and revision dates to the project. If you are an interior designer, then the Project Workspace is where you will probably spend most of your time. Switch projects by clicking the project name on the left side of the Project workspace.
You can copy specs between projects using the Copy button on the Specs screen.
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