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Spec Instructions

Spec Instructions

Manage the list of available specifications, including creating or rewording instructions, and specifying which instructions are required on which specification types.
Navigate to Spec Instructions on the Home Workspace to manage the master list of specification instructions. You can add, change, or delete any instructions, and these changes will immediately take effect on any specifications that use them.

Click on an instruction to enter edit mode for that instruction. Checking the box in the top left corner will make this instruction Required on all specification types, so it will automatically be added to all specifications. By default, an instsruction will be available to add to any specification type. However you can select particular specification types from the list to restrict which specification types this instruction can be added to, and making it easier to find the relevant instructions when writing a specification. After adding a specification type to an instruction, you can check the box beside the specification type to make it required on all specifications of that type. After saving the instruction, this will immediately take effect and the instruction will now show up on all specifications of that type, including reports.

Note the Copy button on the far right for easily duplicating an instruction.
Also note the Search and Spec Type Filter that make it easy to find the instructions you want.

See Specifications - Instructions for information on how they are used on specifications.
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