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Manage specifications for a project, such as fabric, lighting, FF&E and more.
On the Specs screen you can manage the specifications for the current project. This includes creating, editing, and deleting specs.

You can sort by any of the columns of the specification list by click the column header.
You can also resize a column by hovering on the area between two columns until your cursor changes, and then click and drag to resize the column.

To Edit a single specification, click any of the text in any of the columns of the specification row; they all serve as links to open the specification. To Copy or Delete a specification, change it's Status or set a Revision Date, click any of the empty area of the row to select it, and buttons will appear to take action on the specification.

Searching and Filtering

The Search box in the top left corner allows you to find a specification by searching through all the visible columns in the spec list. There are several filter options on the left side, such as area and spec type, which can be used in combination to narrow down the list of specs. This can be helpful when trying to select a particular set of specs to batch edit.

Batch Editing Multiple Specifications

You can select multiple specifications by checking the boxes to the far left of the specification rows. Then you can take various actions on the selected specifications, such as changing the Status, setting Revision Dates, batch editing, copying, or deleting them.
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