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Revit® Integration

Revit® Integration

The DesignSpec Sync add-in for Revit® allows you quickly and securely keep your projects in sync with changes made to the corresponding project in Revit.

Create specifications from product families in Revit, and update those specs as quantities and attributes (parameters) change. By following the simple step-by-step workflow, you can quickly and easily configure and perform repeated syncs. You can choose which product families and which parameters (attributes) to sync, so you have complete control over the process.

Note this add-in currently supports a one-way sync from Revit to DesignSpec. Future versions of the add-in may support a two-way sync, as well as syncing other types information such as areas and schedules.

IMPORTANT: The product family Typemark is used as your specification code, determining which specification corresponds to which product family during an update. Thus only product families with Typemarks can currently be synced.


You will have to first create the project in DesignSpec that will be used for the sync. You can then sync your project with just a few easy steps, using our add-in:
  • Open a project in Revit
  • Launch the DesignSpec Sync add-in from the Add-ins tab
  • Sign in to your DesignSpec account
  • Choose the corresponding DesignSpec project to sync to and click NEXT at the bottom
  • Choose which spec attributes to map your product family parameters to
  • Choose which categories and individual product families to sync
  • Choose what type of specifications to create from your product families
  • Perform the sync

If a matching specification is found in DesignSpec then it will be updated, otherwise a new spec will be created. You can now continue on by adding more information to your specs, uploading images and documents, or filling in additional attributes. None of the information you add will be lost if you sync from Revit again.

These settings will be saved for the next time you sync your project from Revit to DesignSpec. Also, the DesignSpec add-in will remain signed in to your DesignSpec account until you close Revit, or click on Sign Out in the top right corner of the add-in window.

If you change the spec code in DesignSpec after the sync, that specification will no longer be updated in subsequent sync operations if it no longer matches any typesmarks in Revit. Likewise, if a specification was first created in your DesignSpec account, and it matches a typemark in Revit, that spec will be updated when you sync using the add-in.

QUANTITY UPDATES: If the specification to be updated already has multiple quantities allocated to different areas, then the quantity will not be updated from Revit.

Sync Settings

The final Sync step allows you to configure which product families will be synced, and how.
  • Click the + icon beside the product family categories you want to include in the sync.
  • Check the box beside the product families you want to create specifications from. Note you can check the box on the overall category to automatically include all product families in that category.
  • Select the type of specification that will be created for each product family, from the dropdown on the right. Any rows that are selected for inclusion but don't have a spec type indicated will be highlighted.
  • Again, you can select the spec type from the overall category and this will automatically fill in all product families under it.
  • Use the filter at the top to see only the mapped or unmapped product families in the list (those that will or will not be included in the sync), or those items that are missing a spec type selection.
  • Use the search box in the top left to find product family description.
  • You can reset your mappings to the previously saved settings by clicking the RESET MAPPING button in the top right.

What information is Synced

The following information is currently synced from Revit to DesignSpec:
  • Typemark (Spec Code) *
  • Description *
  • Quantity
  • Parameters (Attributes)
  • Future versions of this add-in will support syncing other information such as areas.
* Fields with an asterisk are only used to create new specifications, and will not be updated on existing specs during a sync.
Note that specifications with a status of REMOVED in DesignSpec will not be updated, but HIDDEN specifications will be updated.
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